«Life of Yamal inhabitants is to be improved». The way Dmitry Artyukhov has chosen for the region

On September 5, Dmitry Artyukhov has celebrated 100 days after his appointment to the position of the Acting Governor of the YNAO. During this period, he has managed to do a lot and proved that it was no coincidence that the Kremlin put the Arctic Region into his hands, where multi-billion projects are realized and the biggest oil and gas companies operate. On September 9, Dmitry Artyukhov will speak to the deputies of the Yamal legislature who will elect the Governor of the Region from among three candidates nominated earlier by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. UralPolit.Ru will tell what «the 100 days» of Dmitry Artyukhov stand out for in particular and which priorities he sets in his policy.

Main purpose it an active exploitation of the Arctic Region

Almost immediately after his appointment to the position of the Acting Governor of the Yamal Dmitry Artyukhov participated in the meeting with the Plenipotentiary of the President Nikolay Tsukanov and heads of the regions of the Ural Federal District. The first and important theses that are worth paying attention to were expressed during that meeting.

«Our main purpose is an active exploitation of the Arctic Region», the Plenipotentiary Tsukanov said. «Without an adequate transport infrastructure it seems to be impossible to perform the tasks set by the President of Russia. The priority is given to the construction of the railway network and its main section, i.e. the Northern Latitudinal Railway. The project will significantly reduce the length of the cargo delivery route and unload the southern railway route connected to the Trans-Siberian Railway. The whole Ural Federal District will benefit from this transport project implementation».

The feedback was provided several days later. Dmitry Artyukhov held a meeting devoted to the construction of the Northern Latitudinal Railway. The Director of OOO NLR and the Project Manager Sergey Sukhanov said: «The Northern Latitudinal Railway construction project is being actively developed. The concession is under consideration, and we expect the Government of the Russian Federation to issue a directive and conclude an agreement in the nearest future. Today, we have several business and supplementary issues on the agenda».

Political experts are sure that this project, or rather the quality of its implementation, is the main priority of Dmitry Artyukhov’s work. And as the experts say he has the levers of influence over the project.

«The Northern Latitudinal Railway is the main construction project of the country after the completion of the Crimean Bridge», a political expert Anatoly Gagarin said to UralPolit.Ru. «During the launch of the Northern Latitudinal Railway project Mr. Artyukhov managed to demonstrate his abilities as a successful lobbyist of the territory’s interests. As a result the issue that a month ago had been discussed only on the sidelines of the meeting of the Acting Governor of the Yamal with Dmitry Medvedev transformed into the directive of the Government a couple of weeks later».

«The year of improvements for the indigenous Arctic ethnic groups»

In his interview, Dmitry Artyukhov remarked that the towns of the Yamal are comfortable for life: they have the whole necessary social infrastructure.

«Though the years of an active construction, commissioning, and development are in the past we have a lot of tasks ahead. The North is to be rendered habitable, is to be cozy, comfortable, and the most important is that now young people who especially look after the environment they live in come here with pleasure. It is important for us that the young generation live here, that new engineers, specialists who set high standards for the comfort of life come to our towns; urban areas, parks are to be prepared (to the extent our plain nature allows) – all these aspects are to be worked on», Dmitry Artyukhov believes.

This summer, the Acting Governor visited Novy Urengoy where he attended the urban environment objects: the construction site of the Viaduk open-air sports multifunctional public center. He paid special attention to the necessity of the airport reconstruction.

«We talked with a team that works at the airport. Now, the contracts are being concluded for the design of both the flight strip and a new passenger terminal. We plan that design works will take a year, so that we can start an active construction next summer», Mr. Artyukhov said this summer.

During his visit to the Shuryshkansky district, the Acting Governor mentioned the necessity to construct a new building of the specialized remedial boarding school for 100 pupils.

«This object is needed», Mr. Artyukhov summarized. «Of course, the construction of the boarding school is to be completed despite the fact that the price of a new building construction is rather high. We will attend to it. A great job is being done by the boarding school teachers, it is very important for the district. However the educational institutions the construction of which is on its final stage are to be commissioned first. Now there are a lot of schools on the final stage of the construction in the district (Gorky, Vosyakhovo). They are also to be commissioned as soon as possible. We agreed with the heads of the municipal administrations of our district that next year would be the year of improvements for the indigenous Arctic ethnic groups».

«Sotrudnichestvo» (Cooperation) Intermunicipal program is the most important project

This summer in Tyumen, the representatives of the Government of the Tyumen region, Yugra, and Yamal signed a contract on extending the cooperation agreement between three regions. During the preparation of the document, a special attention was paid to the conditions for the implementation of interregional infrastructure projects.

Addressing the meeting Mr Artyukhov said: «It is a special document for us. “Sotrudnichestvo” program allows us to construct a highway to our capital Salekhard. It is a truly integration project that will connect our three constituent entities. The logic of the program, economic and social unity as well as the unity for the comfort of the residents is implemented in this project to the full extent. I would like to thank Alexander Viktorovich Moore and Natalia Vladimirovna Komarova for a fruitful and efficient work».

Thus, as political experts mention, the most important «Sotrudnichestvo» program is also a priority in the policy of Dmitry Artyukhov. Experts believe that it will remain the same in future.

«The three regions are interested in «Sotrudnichestvo» program, though each in their own way. The economic cooperation will continue, and it is good. Form the political point of view it is rather important that this contract is signed now. It has taken the issue of the future of three regions off the table», a political expert Evgeniy Zabrodin said.

We will develop the industry

It should be also mentioned that this year a truly historical event happened in the Yamal. Yamal LNG plant has dispatched its first consignment to China.

«It is a big breakthrough not only for the Yamal, but for the whole country as well», Mr. Artyukhov said. «The next step is to connect the railway to the port of Sabetta, after that the cargoes delivered by the Northern Latitudinal Railway will get an access to the Northern Sea Route. The port of Sabetta is to become a general-purpose transportation point».

The Acting Governor says that this project is a future source of the district development for many decades: it means tax payments and workplaces.

«It is not necessary to build new towns in the Far North of the Arctic Circle, but it is important that the residents of the existing towns and their children find here an adequate good job. Realizing that we are joining these large-scale projects, we do the groundwork for the development. Nowadays, when we talk about the housing construction, we see what tax payments we will have to make in the nearest three, five, six years. It is a good groundwork», Mr. Artyukhov adds.

An important feature of the Yamal is its transport network without which the breakthrough the President talked about will be impossible. During the meeting with Mr. Artyukhov Vladimir Putin said: «Now we are conducting a rather fruitful dialogue with the key companies, i.e. Gazprom, Russian Railways. I believe we will manage to make another concession, and Sabetta will get a railway. It is necessary that the Arctic Regions is developed in this center, and we have everything for that».

Time for big «social» construction projects

During his meeting with the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in July, Dmitry Artyukhov told about the future of the Yamal as he saw it. They also discussed the social infrastructure.

«It is necessary to create a large supplementary social infrastructure. Taking into account the tasks set in the President’s directive, we assessed that we needed about 50 new kindergartens and schools. Six thousand places are to be created in kindergartens and about ten thousand places in schools so that all new pupils could study in one shift», a public officer said at the meeting.

Less than a month later in Sabetta, Dmitry Artyukhov and Leonid Mikhelson signed a supplementary agreement on cooperation of the YNAO and PAO NOVATEK. It will significantly facilitate the task of financing the construction of social objects.

«The construction of kindergartens is one of the key tasks», the Acting Governor said during his visit to the Purovsky district. «By 2021, the issue of the queues for child care places is to be fully eliminated. Simultaneously, schools will be constructed. One of the schools will be built in Tarko-Sale».

«Investments concerning people»

Evgeniy Zabrodin said that in such a way Dmitry Artyukhov had laid out priorities clearly enough.

«First, it is a stable social and economic development of the region: the development of large-scale projects. The second important achievement is a continued status within the framework of «the Tyumen Matreshka» (Tyumen region, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District). The third thing to be particularly noted concerns «the internal contour»: the issue of moving the population from flimsy and dilapidated housing. 25 billion rubles have been allocated for this purpose, and this sum is very big. These are the investments that will definitely concern the life of people in the Yamal», a political expert explained.

He thinks that the transport infrastructure will develop the same way, and both subsoil users and the residents of the autonomous district are interested in this.

«We can also consider the possibility of new industrial mining projects, especially in the arctic zones. One more tendency can be mentioned, i.e. the openness of the authorities», Evgeniy Zabrodin concluded.

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