«We have to change the reality right now». Dmitry Artyukhov gave his debut speech

Дмитрий Артюхов
​Dmitry Artyukhov, the Governor of the YNAO, for the first time gave a speech to the deputies and representatives of the regional elite. Its tonality and content was in a marked contrast to similar scheduled speeches of his predecessor Dmitry Kobylkin and demonstrated new approaches and priorities in the region for the next few years. You will find all the details in the UralPolit.Ru publication.

Before Dmitry Artyukhov’s speech in the social and business center of Salekhard the audience was shown a video with people from across the region speaking of the problems that they considered to be the most important – starting from housing problems to the road and medical supplies safety. The content of that short video became the focus of the entire speech of the Head of the region.

Traditionally, Mr. Artyukhov started his speech with the biggest projects and significant events of the expiring year, i.e., the resolution to begin the construction of the Northern Latitudinal Railway, NLR-2 project, start of the Kharasavey field development, driving up of Yamal LNG to the rated capacity, and beginning of the construction of Arctic LNG in Gydan. Last year Dmitry Kobylkin described in detail and with figures the investments and prospects of these projects, but today his successor spent 10 minutes maximum on these topics and in a smooth manner came down to the question of what all these things would mean for the Yamal inhabitants.

«Yamal needs such big projects: they not only create the future of the region, but allow addressing the current issues as well. Now, I would like to name the most serious of them. First, it is the changing of the housing conditions of the Yamal inhabitants. It includes not only the relocation from the unfit housing facilities, but also the improvement of the housing affordability. Second, it is the improvement of the condition of the road system in the autonomous region. And third, it is the improvement of the quality of healthcare services», Dmitry Artyukhov said.

The next half an hour were devoted to this topic. The first big portion was about construction. The speaker reported that house building speed had decreased this year, but next years this trend would have to be changed – within the following five years 310 thousand square meters of housing per year would have to be built in the region. For this purpose, unprecedented decisions are made, including the targeted support. According to Mr. Artyukhov, the number of welfare payments will increase, the number of the Yamal inhabitants who receive them will double, and the program financing will triple. These measures will allow 2 thousand families to improve their housing condition. Young families and high performers, i.e., coaches, doctors, teachers, etc., will get a apartment-buying subsidy in the amount of 40 % of the cost of the apartment; before it was 30 %.

Among other programs of the housing construction stimulation there is the rental housing pilot program in Novy Urengoy and Gubkinsky, invocation of the program aimed at the relocation from the unfit housing facilities. According to estimates of the Head of the region, all these things will allow 10.5 thousand families to get modern and comfortable apartments.

«Unfit housing liquidation in the Yamal and the North is a special issue. It concerns not only the social sphere, but the life of people as well. Wooden buildings, the hangover of the soviet period of the development, are quickly falling into decay. Relocation of people from wooden buildings is the must for a successful development of the Yamal. And for sure, this issue is the main for the authorities», Kirill Istomin, a political analyst, said to UralPolit.Ru.

The construction will affect the educational sphere as well – 31 kindergartens will be built within the next three years, and 27 new schools – within the next five years.

«The biggest schools in the history of the region will be among them. Schools for 1,200 pupils in Novy Urengoy, Noyabrsk, and Salekhard. Each of them will have a water pool. A new educational institution for 800 pupils will be built in Tazovsky village. I would like to expressly indicate the fact that I will tightly control the compliance with the deadlines and quality of the construction. Those who will not cope will bear responsibility. We are ready to act decisively. I believe a lot of people have already noticed it. I request the Accounts Chamber to join us and keep watch on the value for money in the construction sphere», The Governor said.

The next big section is the roads: «nobody is satisfied with their quality». Several big projects were announced in this respect. In particular, the 67 km long road from Novy Urengoy to Korotchaevo – its reconstruction will start in several months. Two big road junctions are being built in Novy Urengoy, because the Northern Latitudinal Railway will be railroaded here. Two big transport projects will be realized in Noyabrsk. The Governor made it clear that he would not allow a negligent and conventional attitude in key issues.

«For the first time in the history of the region the money for maintenance and repair of the streets was allowed for in full. Lack of financing can no longer be used as an excuse. Next summer I will travel with the activists of the All-Russia People’s Front from Novy Urengoy to Noyabrsk and personally check the progress of the works», he stressed.

The final portion of Mr. Artyukhov’s speech was devoted to healthcare and healthy living issues. According to him, six hospitals and polyclinics will have been put into operation before 2021, and twelve additional objects will have been built by 2023. The Head of the region mentioned individually the engineering of a modern cancer center that would allow the inhabitants of the polar region to receive medical treatment without leaving the Yamal. Next year, all ORT offices of the region will be fully equipped.

Dmitry Artyukhov briefly spoke about the construction of sports and cultural institutions, environmental issues and small indigenous peoples of the North. Summing up, he addressed the officials and reminded them of the fact that public officers «must not sit in warm rooms, but they are to resolve people’s problems every day». He said that the Arctic Region can be conquered only together, that we were to move forward hand in hand, that is why the officials were to be more direct with people, work with social media, and talk to people.

«We have to change the reality right now, and we have all necessary things for doing it», the Head of the autonomous region concluded.

The experts say that the tonality of the annual speech was in a marked contrast to similar speeches of his predecessor – he is becoming closer to people and focuses on the needs of the Yamal inhabitants.

«If we compare this speech with the speeches of the former Heads, we should mention that it described in detail the large-scale infrastructure projects that were only talked about a lot. Nowadays, the things have moved forward and other issues, i.e., the issues of the population, the issues that the region and the inhabitants face every day, may be addressed. Social issues were given full attention to. I believe that people got answers to the questions they had», says a political analyst Evgeny Zabrodin.

His colleague also mentions the differences in the style and tonality of the speech – the main point was certain needs of separate cities.

«The Governor talked a lot about individual, targeted needs of the population and separate cities. Big projects were mentioned only in the context of interests of a certain inhabitant of the Yamal. A lot of time was devoted to resolving the problems of certain target groups, selective infrastructure projects for settlements starting from small villages to Novy Urengoy and Noyabrsk, the biggest cities. In this respect the Governor of the Yamal communicates directly with the population», Kirill Istomin states.

Communication with the population in this particular case is one of the main elements of the action program elaboration. The Head of the region demonstrates the efficiency of it and hits chord with common people. Several months ago in his Instagram Dmitry Artyukhov proposed to vote for flight directions that were to be funded. As the result more than 20 most popular directions were chosen that the government was going to fund.

«He frankly speaks about problems and says clear things (optimization of the administrative office, certain measures for supporting young families, etc.) based on personal requests that he receives in social media as well. The image of an open and honest official who works for the benefit of people and not only on the basis of an abstract economy or in order to increase average indicators is now demanded by the audience. Mr. Artyukhov perfectly meets such demand. The topic of interactivity, availability for every citizen, and high standards of the moral and ethical character of an official is rather popular. In this respect Mr. Artyukhov is what the society needs», Mr. Istomin says.

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